Getting to be a ‘short-timer’ here

I had a wild thought, in case all of you have forgotten what I look like. I’m nearing the end of my trip, and will be arriving home in Sacramento in only 4 more days, so I thought I’d send a photo for the person who ends up picking me up at the airport, so that you can recognize me. Last year I came home from London with purple hair (really!). Plus I’d lost another 15 lb. on Weight Watchers, and walked right past Mike at the SF Airport. Not this year!

This year, just long hair without the benefit of my great hairdresser, Kris, nor his ability to touch up my roots. (Surprise! I am NOT a redhead!)

So here’s a shot from Spello this weekend, smiling with the arm of a guy I’m crazy about around my shoulder–Robespierre. He’s got a few years on me, but he’s my Paul Newman in Italy, and quite a character. I’ll have to get the blog for Spello posted for you to see the REST of him, but here’s me, in the meantime. Ciao! See you all soon!

(For those of you who know me well, YES, I had a glass of Robespierre’s Red with my lunch! I’m a bit red in the cheeks, and never could sneak a drink without showing it!)

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