The beautiful countryside of Montefalco in the fall

We took the smallest, most remote and most curved roads through the countryside, taking our time to see the landscapes and stop for an occasional photo. Some of the fields had been harvested (probably sunflowers, in this area) and plowed for the next crop, but the many vineyards covering the hills were turning to fall colors with the shortening days and the cool temperatures. Here, just a shot when Birgit and I got out of the car and saw a landscape we found pleasing to the eye.

By turns corduroy and velvet, the hills near Montefalco were filled with fall colors

A handmade wooden ladder, left in the olive trees near the winery building (Spello would be across the valley in the distance, but off to the left somewhat.)

A stunning view of Montefalco (and the water tower we can see from Spello) from the winery patio

Another view, from under the winery trellis, with the water tower in the distance

Splendid fall color in the foliage of sagrantino grapes

The grechetto grape variety on the winery patio arbor, for white wine

Finally, we moved on, hoping to reach Assisi and find a particular wine tasting room open—owned by one of the vendors Pall and I met at VinItaly in April, 2011. So we left Montefalco without a single sip of sagrantino or rosso di Montefalco, but with some wonderful memories of the fall colors and the country roads we had traveled.

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