Wi-Fi Installation: Finally a Connection to the Web and Home

Pall and I managed to get back to La Spezia in time to each purchase a new phone, and we had already found a wi-fi router/modem for me in Desenzano, the first night we arrived for VinItaly, so arriving to Spello late on Saturday night was not the disaster it could have been. I had an telephone installer arriving on Monday afternoon, and it was up to me to have a phone and router available, or I would have had to rent both from Telecom and pay steep monthly fees. On Sundays, all the possible electronics stores in range of Spello are closed, and most are also closed Monday, most certainly in the morning, not opening until after 3:30 p.m. and too late for the installer’s arrival.

I had started my wi-fi journey by contacting Stefano, Paola’s architect brother, and he sent me to Federico, his “wi-fi guy.” Federico came the same day I called—as young as I had expected, maybe 22 or so. He told me that I had to get a fixed phone line installed first, and then he could help me with the router configuration, but I needed to call Telecom Italia and schedule an installation—which might take as long as 2 months before I got a line installed. When I talked to Leonardo, he knew the number of Telecom “by heart” from all of their TV commercials, and called them for me. Before I knew it, I had an appointment for the following Monday, at 2 p.m. He told them I had a line from the previous owners, so they only needed to hook up the phone and router, and that I would supply both. (I had a wall box for a phone, but never uncovered it to see that there was no wiring inside, and there had never been a hard-wired phone here.)

When the young man arrived to hook up the phone, he could not find a line coming into the house—there had never been one before, and the previous occupants used cell phones exclusively, rather than having a fixed line installed. A big problem for the installer! The nearest line coming in was around the other side of the building, and a new line would have to be attached to the wall, brought all the way through the “ingresso,” along my courtyard wall, and finally through a hole in the wall or the window frame into the house. He called for “back-up,” and soon there were three guys, all strategizing how they were going to get a new line to me.

Connecting into Signor Antonio's phone line, on the opposite side of the building

The first connection was over Signor Antonio’s door, tying into his line there. It was threaded around the corner to the right, beyond where the retired men (including Signor Antonio) sit all afternoon watching the piazza and talking politics, and then along the wall over my mailbox to the door to the ingresso.

Around the corner, past the "supervisors," heading for the ingresso

The young guy took over, and had to staple the line all the way through the ingresso, into the cement between the stones, around the corner to my courtyard, and headed toward the front door.

Reaching the door from the street, to the ingresso

Installer doing his best to hide the wire from sight

After much consulting, the decision was made to run the line through the frame of the window over the front door, and then under the loft’s supporting timbers, down the wall, and to the phone connector box already on the wall. Instead of a 30 minute job, there were three red Telecom cars, three long ladders, and three men working together to figure out how to get the line into the house—plus the retired men, adding in their opinions, and making certain that the looks of the building and the walls were not affected by the placement of the new line. (My three “supervisors,” working on MY side!)

After using a reel of wire, the front door is reached and a hole is drilled through the window frame for the wire

Enough wire left to reach the phone location after stringing the wire under the loft timbers to cross the room

By 7 p.m., I had a phone, the router was plugged in, and they left me to clean up the messes. I put the CD from the router into my laptop, followed the instructions to configure it myself, and had my password-protected wi-fi system up and running by 8 p.m. FINALLY! I’m back to a regular connection to Mike, my kids, and friends at home, with a means to get back to posting blogs again. I’ll have to send a gift to Federico, since I didn’t pay him for his help, and didn’t need him to configure the router, either. It was so simple that he was cheated out of a job, and I feel I owe him for his assistance.

It's not "pretty," but both the phone and the router are working perfectly!

What we all thought was going to be a quick installation took all afternoon and evening, and reinforcements, but I’m back on the web, and delighted to have this as an improvement for me and my guests for the future.

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  • dfrank9678

    Everything seems so complicated …i.e. telephone etc. You have the good attitude that it needs. Glad you are connected….makes life easier. How are you doing with the scorpions??? My kitchen redo is finally winding down….took four months of work and, of course, the couple 2-3 months shopping and planning and setting up. The painters are here now…their 2nd day…and, I have hopes that it will get done. I’m really tired of the mess. When you get home, I think we need to really plan a day together with Melba and Sandy and Sandy H and me. We need our “girlfriend” time out.

  • patschueler

    Good to see your latest blog. Wow – if anyone is thinkig of a nice little spot
    in sunny Italy I hope they have been following your blogs….nothing is easy
    there either! Frank and I just returned from a 10 day stay in Hawaii….great
    to be in the warm waters there. We are both fine and preparing for Art at the
    Source open studio events on the next two weekends. Looking forward to more
    postings. Pat

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