Technical difficulties!

I’m prepping photos and blogs, but I have come up against a crippling technical problem. I’m completely unable to upload photos into the blog text. My “tech support” is on his honeymoon cruise with my daughter in the Carribbean (that would be my new son-in-law, Chris), and will not be back to help me solve this problem until after Valentine’s Day. 

Some of you had difficulties being re-routed to a health advertising site when you tried to open the last post, and possibly the remedy to that problem caused this one. Not sure. Still, my techie is right where he should be, and I can wait. 

I just thought anyone looking for the next blog might want to know that there will be a delay–blogs without photos are not my intention! I’ll keep producing text and photos here, and probably blast you with a couple of posts at once, when the problem is solved.

A piu tardi! (Later!)

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