My new occupation? Road construction.

I’m paving the road to hell . . . with my good intentions. I left Spello in late June, after frantically working to post all of the blogs from my trip to Ireland—while also plucking flowers, working with my squadra for the Infiorata, and then flying home just a day or two after the event. I was certain that I could (at least!) get the photos of Ireland all posted—but all of my other opportunities here in Spello took me away, and I didn’t accomplish what I’d thought I might do.

No problem. When I get back home (I promised myself), I’ll work on the blog regularly until I can catch up, and then hit the ground running with new blogs for my next trip to Spello. Nope. That didn’t happen, either.

Among other distractions, I had arthroscopic knee surgery while I was home. A good bit of time was spent prepping to take care of myself, home alone post-op, making meals that could be reheated in the microwave while I stood nearby on crutches. I was planning on a lot of time on the couch downstairs, since all of my bedrooms require a trip up 14 stairs to get to ANY bed in my house. The surgery went well, I had lots of offers of help and many visitors—and spent a few days on opioids, trying not to be a part of the new addiction crisis. Soon, the pain meds were set aside, as were my crutches, and I was gingerly getting up and down the stairs to sleep in my own bed.

All of the marks on my leg are the initials of nurses, the anesthesiologist, and the surgeon to assure that the correct knee was prepped for surgery (orange “Trump tan” courtesy of the surgical skin prep)

Stuff just happens. I enjoyed a few babysitting opportunities with my two grandsons as soon as I was cleared for driving short distances. Aiden had been asking to visit Nonna’s house for a long time in my absence, and finally I could make his favorite ice cream (banana walnut) and have him over to jump into the clubhouse pool. Little Ryan is a pure joy, full of smiles and giggles–and another little fish in the water, just like his older brother.

Aiden, now 4 1/2, just started pre-kindegarten


Ryan, 8 months, who always seems to be full of smiles

My daughter Julie and I shared the preparations for a baby shower for daughter-in-law Liz’s baby girl, expected about 6 October—I took over the cooking, for the most part.

Liz, my son Steve, and baby Eva, expected to introduce herself about 6 October

I was also working like mad to get ready to share my house temporarily with a friend and her 4-year-old daughter, especially trying to get the last of what was still in packing boxes in my garage either moved in, put away, or donated to someone else. I cleaned and donated to my HOA a cabinet full wine glasses, dinner and salad plates, and coffee mugs (service for 50)—I’m not really seeing a need for such high-volume entertaining in my near future, especially in a condo. Just before I left, I had a “2-car garage” for the first time since I moved in, when I immediately began a major remodel with all of the building materials and tools stored in my garage.

And now I’m back in Spello, still with several past blogs not posted. So I’m making another run at it, before my photographer guests arrive in 12 days and this effort will be sidelined once again. I’ve got the house stocked with produce and all the staple foods, I’ve done some cooking and baking in my first week here, my first guests have come and gone, and now I can coast a bit and do my best to get some blogs posted. OK, here goes!


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