The Tower of Timahoe

On the “dual carriageway” toward Timahoe

The lush green expanses of Ireland’s Midlands

Two curious sources of that wonderfully rich Irish butter

(May 10, 2017) Built around the year 1100, the Timahoe Tower is considered one of the best of the remaining round towers of Ireland, and the carvings on the stone . . . → Read More: The Tower of Timahoe

Through the Irish Midlands, to Castle Durrow

(May 10, 2017) I left Castle Dunamase in search of Timahoe Tower, another destination recommended to me by staff at my hotel in Portlaoise. On my route, I passed throw the small town Durrow, and made a stop there to go up the lane to Darrow Castle, now a high-end wedding destination, with a . . . → Read More: Through the Irish Midlands, to Castle Durrow

Castle Dunamase

Leaving Athlone, I headed to Portlaoise (“Port-leesh”), the farthest east in my circuit through western Ireland, and squarely in the Irish Midlands. My hotel was posh, but located in the middle of the city—and a city of significant size. For the first time, navigating out to neighboring sites was a challenge, especially without a . . . → Read More: Castle Dunamase

My new occupation? Road construction.

I’m paving the road to hell . . . with my good intentions. I left Spello in late June, after frantically working to post all of the blogs from my trip to Ireland—while also plucking flowers, working with my squadra for the Infiorata, and then flying home just a day or two after the . . . → Read More: My new occupation? Road construction.